Sorry, website under infinite construction. Features list:

TODO list

  • -Add contrib shadow box function from ppp website
  • Update ESS project
  • +Bug user project page when more than 1 involved user
  • -Add projects relationship
  • +A newsletter
  • +Changing the text on web hosting page
  • +Add web hosting packages
  • -Improve layout for people page
  • +Make a layout for contributions page
  • --Include profile picture for consultants
  • +Breadcrumb navigation on consultant profile page
  • -Remove minus sign from project weight
  • -Change picture style for node layout, create a different layout
  • -Single consultant view: add no result behavior for inactive users
  • +XML feeds for each tag
  • -Optimize taxonomy tags
  • -Replace comments by link to contact form in contribution pages to reduce server load (more than 100 spam attempts a day)
  • -Rewrite code for meta description contribution
  • +Change the favicon, what about a pacman phantom?
  • -Create a strange view with latest project pictures overlapping each other with opacity. The result is hazardous, cool...
  • Social widgets are slowing page load. They have to be loaded asynchronously
  • User page meta description
  • "Target" blank on user's personal website link
  • Kadode's prject screenshot
  • ...