Latest tweets module for Drupal 7

This is an integration of twitter 1.1 API.
This module filters tweets from a list containing specific Twitter hashtags.

Ninja Slaash 2+

Slaaaaash!!! ----> " But where are the fruits? "

Asia Motion website sreenshot

This website has been developed with Drupal 7.
It features a photo and video albums managed by users, a Newsletter and few easter eggs.

Octopus - flash animation

~ Mutation 3 | The Color Symphony ~

Space Pirate Transmission - Paul Ollivier

BitmapData / copyPixels Transmission like Jittering effect.... from the future !

YOUDUST.03 | Camera toy screenshot

Camera Toy made in haXe for flash, with inline Pixel Bender Assembler.
The shader turns the video input into a velocity field that projects particles (optimized with a linked list structure).

v3 : - various optimizations
- shader code cleanup

Location map screenshot

Part of Election and Media Consulting project, this application shows countries where consultants have worked...

Project picture cover | IConsulting

Creation of the "Register my business" tab for expat-advisory.com

Cambodia picture house web design

This is an online photo-stock realized with Gallery 2. It provides an e-commerce with instant payment.

Project picture cover | IConsulting

River cruise is a search engine for Mekong cruises. It mixes a CMS realized with Joomla! and a custom search engine developed with Cocoon (JAVA framework).