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Photography website screenshot

Gallery theme Realized with Drupal 7. Bulk upload, blog, ajax queries...

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This website has been developed with Drupal 7.
It features a photo and video albums managed by users, a Newsletter and few easter eggs.

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Aqua website has been designed with Joomla CMS.

Feeding a nation - Photo story

For many Cambodian families, rice provides the primary means of making a living and the main staple of every meal. Since 1999, Oxfam America has been improving the lives of small farmers in East Asia by increasing their rice yields and mobilizing community savings groups. With these programs, Oxfam America is empowering...

Cambodia picture house web design

This is an online photo-stock realized with Gallery 2. It provides an e-commerce with instant payment.

Project picture cover | IConsulting

Isabelle Lesser is an experienced photographer in Cambodia. Her photographs from events in Cambodia, South East Asia have appeared in publications including The Bangkok Post, The Wire Magazine, Cambodge Soir and several local American newspapers. She has extensive experience with transmitting photos and reports from remote location. Her website is designed to be fully updatable in an user friendly interface.

Developed with AJAX technology (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), this website can handle an unlimited amount of pictures and keep a fast navigation.