Sovanna Phum

Sovanna Phum | project picture

Sovanna Phum (Golden era) is an independent Khmer art association in Phnom Penh. Started in 1994, the association was created in order to give Khmer artists the opportunity to perform their art and to make a living. The aims are to revive, preserve and promote the treasures of Khmer culture to local and international audiences.

Since 1997, on request from partners (International Organization, NGO, Government...) Sovanna Phum has been designing, implementing and playing information, awareness, prevention and education exhibition on specific subjects (health, education, AIDS, environment, human rights).

In the last years, the Association has developed into an international focal point for training, learning and exchange. Sovanna Phum encourages exchanges as a valuable tool to promote and enrichen Khmer culture and to develop solidarity between artists.

Today, Sovanna Phum has a dynamic network of 120 energetic professional artists. Most of the artists of Sovanna Phum were students and graduates from The Royal University of Fine Arts in Phnom Penh. The Association is led by founder Delphine Kassem and Mann Kosâl, artistic director and Shadow Puppeteer Master.