Election & Media Consulting

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Elections Media Consulting (EMC) is the outcome of simple observation and need: gather together in network "Electioneers" that have a longstanding experience in the electoral field, some of us have 20 years and is our core activity. Aside media and communication have developed and become an essential component in the electoral field.
Media organs, communications means and media actions are linked to the development of the “Electioneer" profession and electoral specialties related to communication and the media arose. Qualitative and quantitative media analysis, media planning, civic education and election information campaigns, audio and video production for electoral affairs, media coaching and ballots designers are all communication patent related to the electoral field.

EMC ambition is to bring together electoral analysts and communication experts. Their expertise covers all components of the electoral field, media, political, legal, administrative and electoral communication. We have also an interest in experts with electoral operations, logistics and security expertise. EMC offers a visibility to these collaborators, who remain independent of their professional choices. Most of the experts exceed 15 years of electoral experience and the communicators have a polyvalent and divert professional experience.

Our strength is the expertise gained from the first large-scale operations for democratisation and peace-keeping, early 1990s. Expert in elections, we knew how to deal with all the phases of an electoral cycle. Our strength derives from this contribution, whereas the methodology of election observation was in construction and technical assistance to its beginnings. The geopolitical experience, the variety of solutions found to solve problems, enhanced our expertise, gained diversified for each of us and for many of us is a major achievement of unity. EMC is at the service of the International agencies, NGOS, the components of civil society, governmental institutions but wishes to share its experience and institutional memory with the private sector.
EMC is a SARL of French law based in Bordeaux.