Sylvain Levesque

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Sylvain Levesque is a a Canadian 3D visualization specialist who studied in Architecture and Design. Whether you need images of a proposed new development for presentation purposes, a planning application or for marketing, Sylvain has the experience and expertise to turn your drawings into a compelling vision of the future. He works from your architectural plans (where available), adding lifelike materials and landscaping to create photorealistic imagery that will sell your proposals to key audiences.

3D architectural visualisation services includes:

  • Photorealistic Exterior Images for planning and presentation
  • Fully Furnished Interior computer generated image for property marketing
  • 3D Floor Plans showing the internal layout of a space
  • Photomontages presenting new buildings in context

More services:

  • 3D modelling of the exterior of the development
  • 3D site landscaping and site levels
  • Showing the new development within its surroundings
  • A Set of Static Exterior Images of each Property
  • A Set of Static Street Scene and Site Images
  • 3D modelling of your chosen interior spaces
  • Detailed furnishing to match the aspirations of your buyers
  • Capturing unique benefits including the views from the windows
  • Delivery of a High Resolution Static Interior Image

Sylvain created ARCHITONIK 3D agency in 2010. ARCHITONIK 3D has been working with architects, property developers and real estate agents since 2010 to bring new properties to life in 3D. They deliver high quality visuals on time and always far below the normal market price. They can also work from your models, if you already have SketchUp files available, meaning we can focus on the finer aesthetic points rather than replicating work you've already done.

They gather a comprehensive interior specification and detailed instructions about what you want to see, so that our images truly reflect your vision for the homes. They believe photorealistic interior images are the most compelling way to communicate the essence of a new development, and convey a sense of the lifestyle that your buyers will aspire to.