Cotton Club

Cotton Club Electronic Music venue in Phnom Penh. Flyer design.

LNB Design website snapshot

Jewelery crafted in Cambodia

The kingdom resort website screenshot

The Kingdom Resort & Spa is the perfect place to escape

Nestled on the quiet jungle banks of the Mekong river yet, The Kingdom Resort is the perfect place to escape the traffic and stress of Phnom Penh.

Dissolve your worries away in our luxurious spa, sauna, swimming pool

Big Brain website screenshot

Big Brain Professional Company Limited. Started from March 2008 under the name of Three Square Entertainment Company Limited.

  • TV - Show program, TV commercial
  • Music video...
Equinox website design

Equinox is a bar / restaurant located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The website was dsigned with the CMS Joomla!.

Environmental Charcoal

A Full Benefits Product:

  • Last long time: More calorific power, Ignition without spark
  • Keep clean the pot: No powder, No Smell, Less smoke,
  • Adapted and specific shape: No needs to cut it before use.
  • Standard product : reliable and constant quality
  • Compact Volume: easy to store
  • Eco-friendly
Steve steakhouse print design

Steve steakhouse logo, menu, name card, advert